Golden Indie Music Awards

As a creation-oriented music award, the "Golden Indie Music Awards" aim to empower Taiwanese musicians to create as diverse music genres as possible. The Awards have three major features, namely Taiwan-first, creation-first, and categorization by music styles without language restriction. Since their inception in 2010, the Awards have bred various types of music creators in Taiwan and have become an important international music brand representing the freedom, diversity and originality of Taiwanese musicians.

The Golden Indie Music Awards have also made a number of breakthroughs and innovations in the constitution. In addition to setting up awards for singles and to accepting music works that are released digitally , the Awards have also set up awards for four different music genres, including Rock, Folk, Electronic and Hip Hop. The Awards added two genres, namely Jazz and Rhythm & Blues in its second year and the Best Mix-Genre (cancel the Rhythm & Blues type) in its fifth year, allowing the Golden Indie Music Awards to cover more music genres. In addition, to keep abreast with the vigorous trend of live performance for pop music, two performance skill-related awards have been set up, namely the "Best Live Performance Award" and "Best Instrumentalist Award". Moreover, the Awards have also set up the "Overseas Creative Artist Award" to honor Chinese-language musical creations from around the world.

In 2018, a three-year project to transform the Golden Indies into a world-class Asian music brand was launched in the 9th Golden Indie Music Awards festival. The biggest change of the 9th Golden Indie Music Awards is in the jury, which is now made up of internationally recognized experts, who are selected and summoned by the chairperson so as to make the review results more coherent in the representation of the jury. In view of the diverse styles of Taiwanese music creations and the trend of integrating diverse styles and cross-border music works in recent years, the 10th Golden Indie Music Awards in 2019 have been adjusted to include such awards for "Rhythm and Blues", "Alternative Pop" and "Transboundary or World Music", so as to reflect the current status of contemporary creation, while inspiring and affirming more diverse creations.

Asia Rolling Music Festival

The Asia Rolling Music Festival, which aims to promote the Golden Indie Music Awards brand, was held for the first time in 2018 to promote the exchange of music at home and abroad, to foster greater international ties and to establish a platform for the creation of music. In this festival, various types of music creators in Asia are invited to conduct a series of events, such as live performances, lectures, matchmaking, and so on, in order to export and roll over the music created by Taiwanese songwriters to the whole world.