Golden Indie Music Awards
The core value of “Golden Indie Music Awards” is creation, and it aims to encourage Taiwan musicians to develop diverse and original music. The three main characteristics are Taiwan first, original first and different types of music regardless of language. Since the establishment in 2010, it cultivated various types of music creators in Taiwan. It is now an important international music brand that represents the freedom, diversity and originality power of Taiwanese musicians.

There are many breakthroughs and innovations in the awards items of Golden Indie Awards; except from single awards and accepting digitally published music works for the competition, there are awards for differently music types, including rock, folk, electronic and hip-hop. Starting from the second year, awards for jazz and blues are added. In the fifth year, the best music style awards was added and the blues are cancelled, making the awards covers more diverse music genres. In respond to the blooming trend of popular music, there are awards for “Best Live Performance Awards” and “Best Musician Awards”. In order to encourage overseas Chinese creation, “Asian Music Creation Awards” is set up.

In 2018, the 9th Golden Indie Music Awards launched a three-year transformation plan to build an international Asian music brand. For the first time, the judges were convened by the chairperson, so that the judges have more consensus to represent the viewpoint of the year. And international music professionals are invited to make the awards more international and credible. In view of the diverse styles of music creation in Taiwan, and the fusion of diverse and cross-border music work in recent years, the awards types were adjusted in 2019 (the 10th awards), including the addition of “Rhythm and Blues”, “Non-mainstream” and “Cross-Border or World Music” to reflect the contemporary creation, and encourage and affirm more diverse creations. In 2020 (the 11th awards), it is the third year of the transformation, the “Overseas Music Creation Awards” is changed into “Asians Music Creation Awards” and is limited to individuals or groups from Asian countries or regions. However, the music language is not limited to “Chinese” in the hope to enhance the international appeal of the awards and increase the popularity of this awards in the Asian music market.

Asia Rolling Music Festival
The Asia Rolling Music Festival is first held in 2018 to promote Golden Indie Music Awards, to encourage the exchange of music creation at home and abroad, increase the connection of Taiwanese music to the world, and establish an iconic original music platform in Asia. Taiwanese and Asian music creators of all types are invited to conduct a series of live performances, lectures and music matchmaking to export Taiwan’s original music, introduce Taiwan’s original music to the world, and show the unique music style and creative spirit of Taiwan.