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The following sessions offer free admission with tickets. While stocks last.

10.25 (WED.) 7:30PM Classic Party - Room307(HK)、LINION

photo:Room307(HK) Room307, an indie musician from Hong Kong, has been actively involved in the music scene since joining a band in 2017. In 2018, he began releasing music under his solo project, 'Room307,' and that same year, he released a self-titled album, 'Room307.' Since then, he has consistently explored various music genres, including bedroom pop, psychedelic rock, and lo-fi. Currently, he is active in the Kowloon Peninsula area.

photo:LINION LINION is renowned for his Neo-Soul and R&B style. He is also a rare singer-songwriter who primarily performs with the bass guitar. LINION’s lyrics and melodies are relatable, and his vocal delivery is laid-back and mellow. Some of his notable works include 'Can’t Find' and 'Oh Girl.'
His sophomore album, 'Leisurely,' released in 2020, won the Best R&B Album at the 12th Golden Indie Music Awards. Beyond his solo work, LINION has frequently collaborated with Japanese musicians. In 2023, LINION’s long-awaited third album, 'HIDEOUT,' which incorporates folk elements into R&B, aims to create a sonic sanctuary where the inner secrets of fans can find solace.

10.26 (THU.) 7:30PM Psychedelic party - Michael Seyer(US)、イルカポリス海豚刑警

Michael Seyer(US)
photo:Michael Seyer(US) Michael Seyer is a singer, songwriter who has a penchant for finding a song anywhere. Seyer’s musical journey began in his teenage years when he taught himself how to play guitar & started writing & recording his own songs. He drew inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, blending pieces of indie rock, dream pop, & lo-fi, which contributed to his unique sound. Seyer’s music often reflects on themes of love, relationships, & personal introspection, infused with his distinctive blend of nostalgia & modernity. However, his musical exploration always finds grounding in songwriting with a sense of vulnerability & depth.

photo:イルカポリス海豚刑警 The indie band "イルカポリス 海豚刑警” is from Taipei and formed in 2017, consists of lead vocalist&guitar Marko Woo, vocaist&guitar Edison Chang, bassist Chung I-An and drummer Kuo Yi- Hsuan.
The name of the band is referred to a character from a well-known Japanese animation ”Kochikame (こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所)”. The character is enthusiastic and justice with tough exterior, but still has weak and vulnerable inner side. The traits are exactly like the band members in their daily lifetime.

10.27 (FRI.) 7:00PM Hip-hop Party - Kamaal Williams(UK)、LEO37、Robot Swing

Kamaal Williams(UK)
photo:Kamaal Williams(UK) Kamaal Williams’ artistic practice is born out of an emergent multiplicity. Born in Peckham,London, and of Taiwanese descent, Kamaal has long been bridging worlds, spatially and culturally,geographically and sonically. Creator and founder of the London based Jazz duo, Yussef Kamaal, the album, Black Focus, reinstated a new wave of Jazz in the United Kingdom. In addition to live instrumentation, Kamaal Williams also releases electronic music under his given name Henry Wu.

photo:LEO37 Born in Canada to Taiwanese parents, LEO37 moved to Taipei in early 2011. As an artist, LEO37 went on to release his Taiwan debut, 'Be Well World,' receiving award nominations, including 'Best Band' at the 2018 Golden Melody Awards. Most recently, he has experienced a similar run as the Executive Producer for Robot Swing’s debut album, 'System Booting,' which garnered those very same GMA and GIMA nominations.
In 2014, along with his partner Yaobai, That’s My Shhh was born. A platform that highlighted and showcased Taiwan’s own world-class talent; it acted as a safe space where artists of all backgrounds and disciplines could connect and be creatively free, void of expectations.

Robot Swing
photo:Robot Swing Formed in 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, Robot Swing fuse R&B, Jazz, Funk and Soul into groovy and playful music. Members include keyboard player Chao, Drummer Jim, Bassist Dennis and Guitarist Wei-Nong. Robot Swing have collaborated with GMA nominated musicians such as LEO37 and is great at giving powerful live performance.