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The 14th Golden Indie Music Awards Winners
Uncategorized Awards
Best Album
《You'll Live Forever in My Songs》/Paige Su(Album Producer:Paige Su)
Best Band
The Loophole/《Beautiful World》
Best Singer-songwriter
Paige Su/《You'll Live Forever in My Songs》
Best New Artist
The Crane /《TALENT》
Best Instrumentalist
Sonic Deadhorse/《Meta, Construct within’ Spaces》/Guitar, Guitar Synth, Programming, Live Electronic
Minyen Hsieh/《Meta, Construct within’ Spaces》/Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Bansuri
Toshihiro Wakaike/《Strolls》/Esraj、Tabla
Best Live Performance
Best Asian Creative Artist
《RhizomE x Ju Ju》/Ham Tanid(Tanid Sintaratana)

Category Awards
Best Rock Album
《the admonished trio》/the admonished trio
Best Rock Song
〈If I Had a Car〉/《Beautiful World》/The Loophole
Best Folk Album
《Strolls》/Poorva 181
Best Folk Song
〈Mong〉/《Mong》/Shuchan Chiu
Best Hip-hop Album
《Goblin's Bizarre Radio》/XiaoRen a.k.a. Goblin Zeppeli
Best Hip-hop Song
〈Dunhua S. Rd. (Revisit)〉/《安泰: The Revisit Version》/Gummy B
Best Electronic Album
《Detector》/Wring Out Laura
Best Electronic Song
〈A one and a Two〉/《breastmilk》/Sophie Lu
Best Jazz Album
《I Prefer》/S'yo Fang
Best Jazz Song
〈nong darm〉/《a method for capsaicinoid analysis》/dongyi
Best R&B Album
《TALENT》/The Crane
Best R&B Song
Best Alternative Pop Album
《Way out》/?te (Whyte)
Best Alternative Pop Song
〈golden〉/《golden》/Enno Cheng

Jury Prize
Jury Prize
Mong Tong/《Tao Fire》

Outstanding Contribution Award
Outstanding Contribution Award
Daniel Shen